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The Best Charter Passenger Aircraft Types

By July 14, 2020July 16th, 2020No Comments
charter passenger aircraft

You’re tired of commercial flights. The crowds, the rushes, the tight accommodations: you’ve had enough of it all. As such, you’re looking into charter aircraft services.

But now you’re wondering: What are the best charter passenger aircraft types available? While there are a number of great options, a few of them rise above the rest. They include the following.

Beechjet 400A

Topping our list is the Beechjet 400A, a 9-passenger charter jet that can cruise at 440 knots. Equipped with luxury leather chairs, it offers ample legroom for each and every passenger.

The 400A is equipped to thrive in all weather conditions. Equipped with an XM satellite weather system, it expertly handles both rain and shine.

As you might expect, this aircraft sports an exceedingly comfortable environment. Pressurized and affixed with all-encompassing air conditioning, it’s a relaxing ride at all times of the year.

Kingair C-90B

Though it’s a little smaller than the Beechjet 400A (it seats just 7 passengers as opposed to 9), the Kingair C-90B is just as functional. Sporting leather seats, fold-out trays, and ample cupholders, it allows for a relaxing and laid-back experience.

The C-90B cruises at 230 knots, making it great for short trips, in particular. That said, it can handle long trips as well.

Like the Beechjet 400A, this little plane is fully pressurized and air-conditioned. Equipped with an XM satellite weather system, it’s designed to thrive in weather conditions of all kinds.

Dassault Falcon 2000LX

Another charter aircraft that you need to know about is the Dassault Falcon 2000LX. This luxurious plane holds up to 6 passengers and can travel up to 4,000 nautical miles at a time.

Equipped with cushioned leather seats, it allows for tons of comfort and relaxation. With ample legroom, it’s the exact opposite of flying commercial.

Note, the 2000LX allows for a number of food capabilities as well. For instance, each seat is equipped with a pull-out table. Not to mention, it can accommodate ovens and espresso machines.

Cessna Citation Sovereign

The last charter aircraft we’re going to discuss is the Cessna Citation Sovereign. This is a particularly large charter plane, capable of seating up to 12 passengers.

Equipped with soft leather seats and sporting more than enough legroom (even for the tallest of passengers), it’s as comfortable a charter plane as you’re going to find. And its amenities certainly don’t do anything to negate this comfort. With cupholders and fold-out trays at the ready, it’s pure luxury.

If you’re hosting a particularly large group, the Citation Sovereign would be a great option.

Looking to Board a Charter Passenger Aircraft?

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