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Aircraft Refurbishing

The Clemens Aviation Interior Shop is known for creating incredible interior transformations that boast comfort, luxury, and quality. We take worn, factory interiors and completely refurbish them to new. We have a team of interior experts that are specialized in all areas of refurbishing. The Clemens Aviation interior shop has years of experience refurbishing all types of aircraft from Cessna 185’s to Beechjets.

Why consider refurbishing your aircraft’s interior?

  • Add value to you aircraft
  • Make your ride more comfortable
  • Customize your interior to exactly what you want
  • Modernize
Aircraft Refurbishment

Our Refurbishment Services

  • Expert interior removal and reinstallation
  • Leather upholstery on reshaped foam
  • Refinished woodwork
  • Vast carpet selections
  • Textured ceiling, side-wall and window panel liners
  • Re-plating of all metal interior components
  • LED Lighting
  • and much more!