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Wichita Aircraft Management

How Ownership Works

The Wichita Aircraft Management Program at Clemens Aviation provides owners a hassle-free option for travel. There are no layovers, waiting in lines, or lost baggage. All you need to do is schedule your trip with us, and we handle the rest. Your jet allows the opportunity to depart at 10am to Dallas for a lunch meeting, and be back home at 3pm for a Shockers basketball game with your kids. This is a luxury our program boasts, which is impossible by commercial airline travel. Our mission is to provide effortless travel so you can have more time for the things that are important for you.

Why Choose Us

With Clemens Aviation, safety is our number one priority. This starts in the aircraft maintenance shop where the mechanics are highly trained and specialized in maintaining your Beechjet in perfect airworthy condition. Our jets feature state-of-the-art Garmin 5000 Avionics, as well as other highly innovative technology that have advanced safety features. We are very proud to say that our pilots have top-notch experience. Most of which comes from former factory test pilots. Our crews complete Flight Safety International courses every year to pass safety checks specifically for your aircraft. We also have the highest levels of liability protection to minimize all risk.