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“My experience as a plane owner with Clemens Aviation for over four years has been nothing short of amazing! The pilots and staff are engaging, talented, and accommodating and make our trips easy and enjoyable. My life has changed as a result of the ability your team gives me to be in the right place at the right time. The fact that I am able to respond to client and family needs instantly radically changes the way we are able to support those around us! We have used the service to amply our business offerings and develop relationships across the United States.

Not only have we used the jet to get from point A to point B we have found the time in the air just as valuable. We use the term “magic air” to describe the great conversations that take place 40,000 feet! Our jet ownership has strengthened relationships inside and outside of our organization! While on trips our team is able to work the entire time in the air so that time spent at our destination can be focused on the task at hand.

Jet ownership has been vital to the recent growth of our business and a great added tool to my personal life. My wife and I have traveled thousands of miles in a short time seeing many places for the first time and some places time and time again!

I would highly recommend that people looking to grow their business look into private jet ownership with Clemens Aviation. Our business would not be the same without the team at Clemens Aviation!

Your partnership and focus on customer service is valued!”

Craig Nelson
President & CEO
Conco Construction